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You will usually find quality reviews on First Person games, but you will also find third person games and RPG games. There are many games to see!


You can always find shortened versions of these reviews on our Steam Group. Yes, we are a steam curator now!


Always remember: We're not made of money and will not always go and make a critique on your game, as if it costs money it may take time, but you can always feel free to add me on steam and ask!


Browse around on the Left hand side of the page and find the name of the game you want to see our review on! So far our lowest is: 5/10, so most games we have played are at least half-decent!


This website is a work in progress and you may see some changes, but it will have one simple change at a time. :D


You will find Links on your review page somewhere taht leads you to the area you can buy/download the reviewed game on steam! The links will say 'Get it here' or something like that, located near the bottom or top of the review.